This 100% natural, hand-poured, soy wax candle containing 100% essential oils was created specifically for North Vancouver’s 600 frontline workers. They’ve been through the wringer these last 2 years and it’s been ever more draining over the last couple of months. We just figured they could use a pick-me-up!

4 oz of 100% natural soy wax. 100% pure essential oils. 100% relaxing, custom-created scent.

Burn time is 10 hours.


The candle is available for sale too and all of the proceeds from the sale of these goes to fund the I JUST CAN’T COVID TODAY candle campaign. One candle purchase will pay for 1 frontline worker to receive a candle!

Each candle gift will be accompanied by a thank you card, hand-made by a North Van resident so if you want to donate a card or make one or have your family, club or group make cards, we’ll take ’em!

Working in conjunction with The Lion’s Gate Hospital Foundation we’re hoping to have raised enough funds to have these candles in all 600 hands by the end of March!


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