Spread joy on the shore

2021 nomination FORM

Nomination form:
Introduction and instructions (please read carefully)

Hi! Wow, you’re an amazing human. You’re going to make someone’s holiday season awesome this year with your kindness and thoughtful gift. Please fill in the form. Make sure that you include both your information AND your nominees info. It’s very important that you fill in all the fields so we don’t have to chase after you at the last minute to find addresses or phone numbers. In 2020 some recipients were concerned that their info was shared. Please rest assured that no information from this list will be sold to any other parties though they may receive a notepad and update through the year from the North Van Cares Foundation outlining other campaigns. But that’s it.
Nominees should be super amazing, awesome people. The neighbour that shovels the walk without being asked, the kid that mows your lawn for free, anyone that helps others with no expectation of return is a great candidate. Other wonderful candidates include someone who’s lost a loved one this year or is just having a rough go of it emotionally. Nominees needn’t be in financial trouble. This is more for the usung heros hiding among us.
If you have any questions about this form or the gifts please contact us at info@northvancouvercares.com. With a goal of 300 gifts this year (double that of 2020) we will be crazy busy so please make sure to check out the FAQ page to see if your question can be answered before sending an email.
Thank you so much for your nomination. We hope it brings some joy!
Note: fill in the form below. First step, you’ll fill in the nominee info, then click “Next” to move to the next step where you’ll fill the nominator info.

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